11 Beautiful DIY Bathroom Mirror Ideas

The bathroom mirror is primarily a practical function. This does not mean, however, that this interior fixture can not simultaneously be one of its greatest ornaments. We invite you to look at these beautiful DIY bathroom mirror ideas. 1.DIY Baseboard Framed Mirror Simple and inexpensive project with a great result. Tutorial at Sand & Sisal … [Read more…]

19 Clever DIY Wine Cork Crafts and Projects

DIY Wine Cork Crafts and Projects

Do you know that instead of throwing wine corks, you can make a nice artistic project from them? There are hundreds of ideas on the internet for making some wine corks projects. We choose to introduce you a 19 best and clever DIY wine cork crafts and projects. 1. DIY Wine Cork Vases To made this … [Read more…]

15 DIY Garden Shed Plans and Ideas

The basic function of the garden shed is the storage for tools. However, the garden shed can be not only functional but also decorative. We present various projects of garden sheds, from small to large, from cheap to expensive, from simple to make to difficult. Here you can find 15 DIY garden shed plans and … [Read more…]

14 Best Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas

Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas

There are many great and clever ideas to make garden edging. We introduce you many clever ideas with garden edging from cinder blocks, rocks, terracotta or hubcaps. You can use one of this ideas or use your imagination to create own and unique garden edging. 1. Steel Garden Edging Steel edging is often used and … [Read more…]

15 Gorgeous DIY Sandbox Ideas

DIY Sandbox Ideas

The garden is a perfect place for our children. Fresh air, green and dozens of colorful flowers are not enough to attract their attention. It is a great idea to build a sandbox for children. Having fun and building sand castles will not have time for mischief. We present a list of ideas how to DIY a … [Read more…]

11 Useful DIY Clothespin Crafts

DIY Clothespin Crafts

The basic use of the clothespin is hanging laundry. However, it turns out that the clothespins find many other ingenious applications. Clothespins can be used to create a clothespin chandelier, a clothespin candle holder or a clothespin mirror. We are introducing a number of ideas for the use of clothespins, which may inspire you to … [Read more…]