11 Useful DIY Clothespin Crafts

11 Useful DIY Clothespin Crafts

The basic use of the clothespin is hanging laundry. However, it turns out that the clothespins find many other ingenious applications. Clothespins can be used to create a clothespin chandelier, a clothespin candle holder or a clothespin mirror. We are introducing a number of ideas for the use of clothespins, which may inspire you to create your own clothespin work.

1. DIY Clothespin Chandelier

Clothespin Chandelier

Make an awesome clothespin chandelier. Tutorial via Young House Love

2. DIY Clothespin Planter / Clothespin Candle Holder

Clothespin Planter

Clothespin Candle Holder

Great idea to create stylish planter or candle holder. Tutorial via CFabbriDwesings

3. DIY Clothespin Photo Display

Clothespin Photo Display

Frame, twine and clothespins will create a great photo display frame. Tutorial via Dwell Beautiful

4. DIY Clothespin Headphone Organizer

Clothespin Headphone Organizer

If you carry your headphones with you everywhere then you will appreciate this simple solution. Tutorial via Make Something Mondays

5. Clothespin Storage Shelf

Clothespin Storage Shelf

Wood plank, top of the door molding and seven clothespins creates lovely storage shelf. Source: Country Living

6. DIY Clothespin Foosball Table

Clothespin Foosball Table

Provide children with great entertainment by creating for them mini foosball table. Tutorial via U Create Crafts

7. Clothespin Wall Decoration

Clothespin Wall Decoration

Decorate your wall with photos that will remind you nice memories. Source: DonneInPink

8. DIY Clothespin Mirror

Clothespin Mirror

Wooden clothespins may be useful for creating a great mirror. Tutorial via Design Sponge

9. Homemade Trivet

Homemade Trivet

Another interesting idea to use clothespins. Source: Country Living

10. DIY Clothespin Lampshade

Clothespin Lampshade

The lampshade of the clothespins looks insane. Tutorial via FabDIY

11. DIY Clothespin Love Message

Clothespin Love Message

Show your love for your loved one with this little tool. Tutorial via Do It And How

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