20 Amazing & Easy Paper Crafts For Kids

Paper Crafts For Kids

Paper is magical material from which your child can conjure up a lot of things. You can increase the level of your child creativity with these simple crafts made from paper. Here, we have gathered 20 paper crafts for kids, which will be absolutely hit at home. Below every photo you will find a link … [Read more…]

13 Awesome Dollar Store DIY Projects

Dollar Store DIY Projects

When we think about products from the dollar store, come to mind rather low quality products.┬áSo will surprise you that with the use of dollar store products we are able to create really chic things? Here is a list of awesome projects which we can create by doing it yourself with use dollar store products. … [Read more…]

18 Ideas of How To Recycle Plastic Bottles

There are many ways to recycle plastic bottles. We introduce you great ideas how to reuse them to create functional or decorative project. You can use the plastic bottles to create a party lights, jewelry stand, sprinkler or something else. Many of these project are very simple and require not much time. Look at these … [Read more…]

19 Clever DIY Wine Cork Crafts and Projects

DIY Wine Cork Crafts and Projects

Do you know that instead of throwing wine corks, you can make a nice artistic project from them?┬áThere are hundreds of ideas on the internet for making some wine corks projects. We choose to introduce you a 19 best and clever DIY wine cork crafts and projects. 1. DIY Wine Cork Vases To made this … [Read more…]

11 Useful DIY Clothespin Crafts

DIY Clothespin Crafts

The basic use of the clothespin is hanging laundry. However, it turns out that the clothespins find many other ingenious applications. Clothespins can be used to create a clothespin chandelier, a clothespin candle holder or a clothespin mirror. We are introducing a number of ideas for the use of clothespins, which may inspire you to … [Read more…]