15 DIY Garden Shed Plans and Ideas

15 DIY Garden Shed Plans and Ideas

The basic function of the garden shed is the storage for tools. However, the garden shed can be not only functional but also decorative. We present various projects of garden sheds, from small to large, from cheap to expensive, from simple to make to difficult. Here you can find 15 DIY garden shed plans and ideas.

1. DIY Simple Shed from Scratch

Simple Shed From Scratch

Stylish and sturdy shed which you can make in 3 days and materials costs 1500$. Tutorial at Popular Mechanics

2. DIY Cheap Storage Shed

Cheap Storage Shed

Budget friendly shed designed to use lumber. Tutorial at Family Handyman

3. DIY Potting Shed

Potting Shed

This lovely shed costs approximately $1100. Tutorial at Instructables

4. DIY Hexagonal Garden Shed

Hexagonal Garden Shed

Hexagonal Garden Shed 2

Pretty shed with fabulous stained glass. Tutorial at Instructables

5. DIY Super Shed

Super Shed

Shed perfect for gardening tools available for a 6 x 8 ft. area and can be expand to 8 x 12 ft. Tutorial at Popular Mechanics

6. DIY Small Cedar Storage Shed

Small Cedar Storage Shed

This cedar shed you can create for $250. Tutorial at Ana White

7. DIY Garden Closet Storage Shed

arden Closet Storage Shed

This is a small shed perfect for lawn equipment and gardening tools. Tutorial at Family Handyman

8. DIY Narrow Backyard Shed

Narrow Backyard Shed

This shed is perfect for smaller backyard. Tutorial at Build Eazy

9. DIY Simple Storage Shed

Simple Storage Shed

Nice-looking simple storage shed which takes up not much place. Tutorial at Black & Decker

10. DIY Schoolhouse Storage Shed

Schoolhouse Storage Shed

Stylish shed at size 10 x 12 ft. Tutorial at Family Handyman

11. DIY Simple Garden Shed

Simple Garden Shed

If you have just basic carpentry skills you can build this simple shed. Tutorial at Mother Earth News

12. DIY The Ultimate Garden Shed

The Ultimate Garden Shed

Beautiful and functional shed with a lot storage space inside. Tutorial at Readers Digest

13. DIY The Yard Shed

The Yard Shed

Adorable and functional shed. Tutorial at Readers Digest

14. DIY The Tudor-Style Shed

The Tudor Style Shed

Not easy to build stylish shed with character. Tutorial at Build Eazy

15. DIY Mini Garden Shed

Mini Garden Shed

If you don’t have a lot of space in your garden then you can build this stylish shed. Tutorial at Workshop

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