20 Awesome DIY Bookshelf Ideas

20 Awesome DIY Bookshelf Ideas

If you have so many books that it’s hard to count them and you want to keep your house clean and well-sorted then you need for sure a bookshelf. Bookshelves from the store are not so cheap, so it’s better to make them handmade. We prepared 20 awesome bookshelf ideas which you can DIY. Under every photo we contain a link to the tutorial.

1. DIY Crate Bookshelf

DIY Crate Bookshelf

Great shelf for book lover. Choosing the crates make sure that look square with no warping in the slats. Tutorial at TaraMichelle

2. DIY Kentwood Bookshelf

DIY Kentwood Bookshelf

This beautiful bookshelf is made of solid pine boards. Plans at Ana White

3. DIY Wall Mount Bookshelf

DIY Wall Mount Bookshelf

Create this wall mount bookshelf  didn’t take too much time or effort. Tutorial at It’sOverflowing

4. DIY Crates & Pallet Bookshelf

DIY Crates & Pallet Bookshelf

I love how much interest this bookshelf adds to a space. Tutorial at TheHouseOfWood

5. DIY Bookshelf Made From Crates

DIY Bookshelf Made From Crates

This bookshelf is great for a kids room. It’s easy to make and could be painted any color you want. Tutorial at CrazyLittleProjects

6. DIY Tree Bookshelf

DIY Tree Bookshelf

That bookshelf sets a calm and natural ambiance.  Tutorial at Instructables

7. DIY Rustic X Tall Bookshelf

DIY Rustic X Tall Bookshelf

I love the look of this bookshelf. Tutorial at Ana White

8. DIY Bookshelf Chair

DIY Bookshelf Chair

This bookshelf chair can hold 18 feet of books. Tutorial at Instructables

9. DIY Floating Bookshelf

DIY Floating Bookshelf

Creative bookshelf for your wall that is both fun and functional. This project is created without damaging the actual book. Tutorial at eHow

10. DIY House Bookshelf

DIY House Bookshelf

This house bookshelf is perfect for children’s bedroom or playroom. Tutorial & Plans at LoveCreateCelebrate

 11. DIY Rolling Bookshelf

DIY Rolling Bookshelf

This bookshelf looks beautiful. Tutorial at CherishedBliss

12. DIY 6 Cube Bookshelf

DIY 6 Cube Bookshelf

This bookshelf looks awesome. Tutorial at Ana White

13. DIY Industrial Bookcase

DIY Industrial Bookcase

The inspiration for this industrial bookcase plan was taken from Pottery Barn for $1900. Building it at handmade will cost you about $275. Tutorial at RogueEngineer

14. DIY Cubby Bookshelf

DIY Cubby Bookshelf

This bookshelf is so cool. Plans at Ana White

15. DIY Contemporary Bookcase

DIY Contemporary Bookcase

This bookcase has beauty of a different kind. Tutorial at PopularWoodworking

16. DIY Corner Bookshelf

DIY Corner Bookshelf

Corner bookshelves help you to save so much space by holding all your books safely. Tutorial at Instructables

17. DIY Secret Door Bookcase

DIY Secret Door Bookcase

Who doesn’t want a secret door bookcase? Tutorial at Instructables

18. DIY Plumbing Pipe Bookshelf

DIY Plumbing Pipe Bookshelf

The plumbing pipes bring a contemporary touch to the simple bookshelves. Tutorial at TheBrickHouse

19. DIY Boat Bookshelf

DIY Boat Bookshelf

This fun and relatively easy project fits almost anywhere. Tutorial at HomeHardware

20. DIY Modular Bookshelf

DIY Modular Bookshelf

This bookshelves allow you to utilize any corner of your house, for example this shelves fit in the empty wall space under the stairs. Tutorial at Instructables

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