12 DIY Hammock Stands For Total Relaxation

12 DIY Hammock Stands For Total Relaxation

Everyone need some relaxation in their lives and hammock is the perfect spot for this. It is so pleasant to sway in the hammock and looking in the sky. But what to do if you don’t have a trees to hang a hammock? The solution is to make or buy a hammock stand, but if you want to save money then you will choose for sure the first option. Here, we introduce you hammock stands, which you can make by yourself with use a tutorial.

If you are looking how to make a hammock then you can find it here (click).

1. DIY Hammock Stand For $40

DIY Hammock Stand For $40

You can build this hammock for only 40 bucks. Tutorial at Here Comes The Sun

2. DIY Happy Hammock Stand

DIY Happy Hammock Stand

This hammock is in the shape of smiling face. Tutorial at Wood Magazine

3. DIY 3-Person Hammock Stand

DIY 3-Person Hammock Stand

An inexpensive, anchored stand for up to 3 hammocks. Tutorial at The Ultimate Hang

4. DIY Hammock Shelter

DIY Hammock Shelter

If you have medium to advanced woodworking skills, you can build this hammock shelter in one weekend. Tutorial at Black+Decker

5. DIY Garden Hammock

DIY Garden Hammock

Tutorial at Craftsmanspace

6. DIY Free-Standing Hammock Stand

DIY Free-Standing Hammock Stand

This free-standing wood hammock stand costs about $60 — much less than the average cost in a store. Tutorial at eHow

7. DIY Portable Hammock Stand

DIY Portable Hammock Stand

You can fold this hammock and move wherever you want. Tutorial at Dream Hammock

8. DIY Hammock Between Tree & Pole

DIY Hammock Between Tree & Pole

Total cost of this hammock stand was approximately $40. Tutorial at See Girls Blog

9. DIY Rocking Hammock Stand

DIY Rocking Hammock Stand

In this hammock you can feel like on the boat. Tutorial at Instructables

10. DIY Two Pole Hammock Stand

DIY Two Pole Hammock Stand

Choose the right place for the poles, becouse they aren’t portable. Instructions at Pinterest

11. DIY Free-Standing Portable Hammock Stand

DIY Free-Standing Portable Hammock Stand

Wherever you are you can install this lightweight portable hammock stand. Tutorial at Instructables

12. DIY Pergola Hammock Stand

DIY Pergola Hammock Stand

You can build this pergola hammock stand in a weekend for under 200$. Tutorial at DFOhome

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