15 Amazing DIY Log Ideas

DIY Log Ideas

We want to introduce you great ideas for use logs. You can turn logs on planter, garden path, lamp, side table and more. It turns out that you can use logs in many different ways. We introduce you the most interesting ideas on use logs which you can do by yourself. 1. DIY Log Planter Logs … [Read more…]

16 Creative DIY Mirror Frame Ideas

DIY Mirror Frame Ideas

Mirror in the house is just essential – that is obvious. Less obvious is its size, shape and framing. It turns out that the mirror frame can be made from clothespins, toilet paper rolls or plastic spoons. These more or less creative ideas for creating a mirror frame we are presented in our roundup. 1. DIY Mirror … [Read more…]

7 DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

Outdoor shower is primarily great comfort, especially when we use the pool or when we often work in garden. It is also an excellent form of relaxation and refreshment during hot days. It turns out that outdoor shower is really simple and easy to set. We want to introduce you outdoor shower ideas which you can do by yourself. … [Read more…]

10 Best DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Beautiful garden is just as important as a beautiful home decor. Not only are plants important, but also the lighting that will create the enchanted atmosphere of the evening. The well-chosen lighting of the garden will not only be functional, but will also create an excellent decoration. We present the 10 best ideas for lighting … [Read more…]

13 Gorgeous DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas

DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathroom vanities are not only decorative, but also functional as a storage space. Bathroom vanity does not have to be boring, what we show introducing to you gorgeous DIY bathroom vanity ideas. Get inspired to use one of these project or create something new. 1. DIY Butcher Block Vanity This bathroom vanity was created with 2 … [Read more…]

18 Ideas of How To Recycle Plastic Bottles

There are many ways to recycle plastic bottles. We introduce you great ideas how to reuse them to create functional or decorative project. You can use the plastic bottles to create a party lights, jewelry stand, sprinkler or something else. Many of these project are very simple and require not much time. Look at these … [Read more…]

10 Incredible DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas

DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas

It’s nice to spend a time at outdoor with friends or family. At a party we need close at hand beverage or snacks and for that we need smaller or bigger bar. We invite you to the journey through incredible DIY outdoor bar ideas. 1. DIY Hanging Outdoor Bar Pallets have many application, this is … [Read more…]