10 Best DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Beautiful garden is just as important as a beautiful home decor. Not only are plants important, but also the lighting that will create the enchanted atmosphere of the evening. The well-chosen lighting of the garden will not only be functional, but will also create an excellent decoration. We present the 10 best ideas for lighting … [Read more…]

10 Incredible DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas

DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas

It’s nice to spend a time at outdoor with friends or family. At a party we need close at hand beverage or snacks and for that we need smaller or bigger bar. We invite you to the journey through incredible DIY outdoor bar ideas. 1. DIY Hanging Outdoor Bar Pallets have many application, this is … [Read more…]

15 DIY Garden Shed Plans and Ideas

The basic function of the garden shed is the storage for tools. However, the garden shed can be not only functional but also decorative. We present various projects of garden sheds, from small to large, from cheap to expensive, from simple to make to difficult. Here you can find 15 DIY garden shed plans and … [Read more…]

14 Best Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas

Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas

There are many great and clever ideas to make garden edging. We introduce you many clever ideas with garden edging from cinder blocks, rocks, terracotta or hubcaps. You can use one of this ideas or use your imagination to create own and unique garden edging. 1. Steel Garden Edging Steel edging is often used and … [Read more…]

15 Gorgeous DIY Sandbox Ideas

DIY Sandbox Ideas

The garden is a perfect place for our children. Fresh air, green and dozens of colorful flowers are not enough to attract their attention. It is a great idea to build a sandbox for children. Having fun and building sand castles will not have time for mischief. We present a list of ideas how to DIY a … [Read more…]