7 DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

7 DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

Outdoor shower is primarily great comfort, especially when we use the pool or when we often work in garden. It is also an excellent form of relaxation and refreshment during hot days. It turns out that outdoor shower is really simple and easy to set. We want to introduce you outdoor shower ideas which you can do by yourself.

1. DIY Garden Hose Shower

DIY Garden Hose Shower

It’s easier when you don’t have to hold garden hose in hands during the shower. Tutorial at HomeJelly

2. DIY Rustic Outdoor Shower

DIY Rustic Outdoor Shower

Total cost of this shower is about $200. Tutorial at Makezine

3. DIY Can Shower Head

DIY Can Shower Head

A simple solar heated hose system with an upcycled can as the shower head. Tutorial at Instructables

4. DIY Garden Hose Shower on A Tree

DIY Garden Hose Shower on A Tree

Very simple idea where large shower head fastened to a long hose and then fastened the shower head on a big tree branch. Source: Sweet Paul

5. DIY Basic Outdoor Shower

DIY Basic Outdoor Shower

Outdoor shower attached to the garden hose. Tutorial at Our Acreage Adventure

6. Stylish DIY Outdoor Shower

Stylish DIY Outdoor Shower

This outdoor shower will cost you about 170$ and take you one weekend.

7. DIY Easy Outdoor Shower

DIY Easy Outdoor Shower

Showers like these can be installed right outside your mudroom entrance or on your porch, or wherever you want to rinse off before going inside. Tutorial at DIY Show Off

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