20 Amazing & Easy Paper Crafts For Kids

20 Paper Crafts For Kids

Paper is magical material from which your child can conjure up a lot of things. You can increase the level of your child creativity with these simple crafts made from paper. Here, we have gathered 20 paper crafts for kids, which will be absolutely hit at home. Below every photo you will find a link to the tutorial.

1. 3D Paper Caterpillar Craft

3D Paper Caterpillar Craft

Great project to make with kids. It can be a “freehand” project or you can use printable template. Tutorial at EasyPeasy&Fun

2. Medieval Crown Craft

Medieval Crown Craft

Kids will love making their own crown. Tutorial at FirstPalette

3. Heart Fox Craft

Heart Fox Craft

Super quick and easy project. Tutorial at HousingAForest

4. Paper Dinosaur Hat

Paper Dinosaur Hat

Great when you need a quick prop for pretend play. Tutorial at Paper&Glue

5. Paper Peacock Craft

Paper Peacock Craft

Peacocks are gorgeous birdies, their colorful feather tail is really amazing. Tutorial at EasyPeasy&Fun

6. Snowflake Ballerinas

Snowflake Ballerinas

This paper craft making pretty ballerinas with snowflake skirts. Tutorial at Krokotak

7. Paper Heart Penguin Craft

Paper Heart Penguin Craft

It is very easy to make. Tutorial at CraftyMorning

8. Paper Glasses

Paper Glasses

They make really fun activities for kids. Tutorial at GiddyGiddy

9. Paper Ladybug Craft

Paper Ladybug Craft

This is simple and adorable paper craft. Tutorial at EasyPeasy&Fun

10. Origami Doll House

Origami Doll House

Girls will love it. Tutorial at Tuts+

11. Giant Paper Popsicle Craft

Giant Paper Popsicle Craft

I love these adorable popsicle crafts. Tutorial at ArtForKidsAndRobots

12. DIY Paper Spinner

DIY Paper Spinner

This spinner was made from a toothpick and colored paper strips held together with glue. Tutorial at Krokotak

13. Shark Cootie Catcher

Shark Cootie Catcher

We have played fortune teller when we were kid, but this shark cootie catcher is more awesome. Tutorial and printable template at EasyPeasy&Fun

14. Paper Turtle

Paper Turtle

Tutorial & Template at Krokotak

15. 3D Rainbow Paper Craft

3D Rainbow Paper Craft

If your children adore rainbows then they can make your own. Tutorial at EasyPeasy&Fun

16. Paper Biplane

Paper Biplane

Tutorial & Template at Kidspot

17. Painted Paper Snake Craft

Painted Paper Snake Craft

Children will have a lot of fun designing one-of-a-kind snake. Tutorial at IHeartCraftyThings

18. DIY Paint Chip Animal Friends

DIY Paint Chip Animal Friends

Make new and completely inexpensive toys for your kids, which will engage them for a long time. Tutorial & Printable Templates at HandmadeCharlotte

19. Paper Crocodile Craft

Paper Crocodile Craft

Great craft for a fan of crocodiles. Tutorial & Printable Template at EasyPeasy&Fun

20. DIY Swirly Paper Flowers

DIY Swirly Paper Flowers

They’re really easy and fun to make. Tutorial at Instructables

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