19 Clever DIY Wine Cork Crafts and Projects

19 Clever DIY Wine Cork Crafts and Projects

Do you know that instead of throwing wine corks, you can make a nice artistic project from them? There are hundreds of ideas on the internet for making some wine corks projects. We choose to introduce you a 19 best and clever DIY wine cork crafts and projects.

1. DIY Wine Cork Vases

Wine Cork Vases

To made this gorgeous vase you need several dozen corks. It looks really tremendously. Tutorial at Design Improvised

2. DIY Wine Cork Spools

Wine Cork Spools

If you had twine and floss then you can use this smart idea. Tutorial at Addicted 2 DIY

3. DIY Wine Cork Photo Holder

Wine Cork Photo Holder

Use the wine cork, some wire and clothespin to make this great photo holder. Tutorial at A Charming Project

4. DIY Wine Cork Pendants

Wine Cork Pendants

So creative idea to make pendants from wine cork. Tutorial at Fiskars

5. DIY Wine Cork Keychains

Wine Cork Keychains

To make this simple project you need only wine cork, screw eye and keychain ring. Tutorial at Cleverly Inspired

6. Garden Plants Labels

Garden Plants Labels

Next creative idea where you can use wine corks to label garden plants. Source: Love Them Madly

7. DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat

Wine Cork Bath Mat

Cheap idea to make a great bath mat. Tutorial at Crafty Nest

8. DIY Wine Cork Coasters

Wine Cork Coasters

Instead of throwing wine corks into the garbage you can make cool coasters. Tutorial at Heartmade Blog

9. DIY Wine Cork Magnet Planters

Wine Cork Magnet Planters

Adorable idea to make a magnet planters from wine cork. Tutorial at It All Started With Paint

10. DIY Wine Cork Sailboat

Wine Cork Sailboat

If you want to give a little entertainment to your children then build this pretty sailboat. Tutorial at Mama Papa Bubba

11. DIY Wine Cork Keepsake Frame

Wine Cork Keepsake Frame

To commemorate the most important moment in life you can create wine cork keepsake. Tutorial at Something Turquoise

12. DIY Wine Cork Picture Frame

Wine Cork Picture Frame

Very quick project to make a picture frame from wine corks. Tutorial at Plaster & Disaster

13. DIY Wine Cork Placemat

Wine Cork Placemat

50 wine corks, utility knife and hot glue gun that’s all what you need to make a wine cork placemat. Tutorial at Creme De La Craft

14. DIY Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Wine Cork Bulletin Board

That chalkboard looks so pretty. Tutorial at A Beautiful Mess

15. DIY Wine Cork Candle Holder

Wine Cork Candle Holder

Easy project to make candle holder with dozens wine corks. Tutorial at Two Twenty One

16. DIY Wine Cork Birdhouse

Wine Cork Birdhouse

Next original idea to make a pretty birdhouse with wine corks. Tutorial at Praktic Ideas

17. DIY Wine Cork Dresser

Wine Cork Dresser

You need above 800 wine corks to make this dresser top. Tutorial at Decorating Obsessed

18. DIY Wine Cork Curtains

Wine Cork Curtains

Perfect project for a wine shop. Tutorial at Lulus

19. DIY Wine Cork Dart Board Wall

Wine Cork Dart Board Wall

Very useful project which can protect your wall from damage by darts. You need over 1000 corks. Tutorial at Macgyverisms

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