14 Best Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas

14 Best Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas

There are many great and clever ideas to make garden edging. We introduce you many clever ideas with garden edging from cinder blocks, rocks, terracotta or hubcaps. You can use one of this ideas or use your imagination to create own and unique garden edging.

1. Steel Garden Edging

Steel Garden Edging

Steel edging is often used and the color defines the look of the whole. Source: Houzz

2. Cinder Blocks Edging

Cinder Blocks Edging

You can use the cinder blocks as garden edging and additionally use the holes for plants. Source: GardenWeb

3. Rock Garden Edging

Rock Garden Edging

We recommend similar sized stones to get a good effect. Source: BHG

4. DIY Gabion Wall Edging

Gabion Wall Edging

Nice looking gabion wall. Tutorial via GardenDrum

5. Cedar Garden Edging

Cedar Garden Edging

Use cedar in different sizes to create this garden edging. Source: Houzz

6. Garden Edging with Terracotta

Garden Edging with Terracotta

Border your garden with terracotta. Source: Primrose

7. Brick Lawn Edging

Brick Lawn Edging

Bricks create a nice border between the lawn and the garden. Source: Pinterest

8. Hubcaps Lawn Edging

Hubcaps Lawn Edging

Make an unique edging with old hubcaps. Source: Beth Evans Ramos

9. Garden Hoses Edging

Garden Hoses Edging

Old garden hoses create an unique fence. Source: Kara Paslay Designs

10. Plastic Garden Edging

Plastic Garden Edging

Cheap plastic edging look really elegantly when they are made of dark neutral tones. Source: Plantedwell

11. Classic Concrete Edging

Classic Concrete Edging

Stylish and modern look of concrete slabs used as garden edging. Source: Minimalisti

12. Water Dividers


This isn’t precisely garden edging, but adding some water to the garden can absolutely change the look of landscape. Source: Decoist

13. Cascading Garden Wall

Cascading Garden Wall

Terraced wall of draping plants looks beautifully. Source: Pinimg

14. Glass Bottle Edging

Glass Bottle Edging

If you have many glass bottles at home, you can use them to create this nice garden edging. Source: Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

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  1. Mary

    Hey, I was looking for some garden edging ideas for my front yard and this gives me a lot of good ideas. Thanks. My husband and I have just moved into a new home and need to do some serious landscaping, mainly in the front. I’ve been looking at other articles as well for landscaping edging inspiration – this one (https://carveyourcreation.com/inexpensive-landscape-border-ideas) has some good ideas that are budget-friendly, although I think the glass pebbles look pretty awful. What styles would you say look nice enough yet are straightforward to implement? Thx

  2. Rhianna Hawk

    I’ve been trying to figure out how I want my lawn to meet with the garden plot that I’m having put in, and you’ve given me lots of great ideas. The water divider is the most appealing, as it is gorgeous and would make for a really nice, peaceful place to sit by the lawn and relax. My second choice would be the glass bottle edging, because it’s very pretty and also cheap if my budget keeps me from the water edging.

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