13 Awesome Dollar Store DIY Projects

13 Awesome Dollar Store DIY Projects

When we think about products from the dollar store, come to mind rather low quality products. So will surprise you that with the use of dollar store products we are able to create really chic things? Here is a list of awesome projects which we can create by doing it yourself with use dollar store products.

1. DIY Painted Terracotta Pot

DIY Painted Terracotta Pot

It looks adorable. Tutorial at The Beauty Dojo

2. DIY Monogram Clay Keychains

DIY Monogram Clay Keychains

Simple idea to make unique clay keychains. Tutorial at Homeyohmy

3. Accent Stone Candle Holders

Accent Stone Candle Holders

To make this simple project you need accent stones, glassware, tea lights, and super glue. Tutorial at Morena’s Corner

4. DIY Gold Succulent Vases

DIY Gold Succulent Vases

As the author said it’s better to paint spray inside the glasses. Tutorial at We Lived Happily Ever After

5. Iphone Case Stand

Iphone Case Stand

This project require sewing skills. Tutorial at Made by Marzipan

6. DIY Hexagon Ring Dishes

DIY Hexagon Ring Dishes

If you are spend a lot of time looking for a ring and don’t remember where you placed them on then you should try make ring dishes. Tutorial at Homeyohmy

7. Marble Mugs Using Nail Polish

Marble Mugs Using Nail Polish

All you need to do to create this cool design is pour polish into a container of warm water and dip your mug inside. Tutorial at Babble

8. Upholstered Drawers

Upholstered Drawers

This project is really quick and easy to do. Tutorial at Wallfry

9. Macaron Coin Purse

Macaron Coin Purse

These are too cute for words. Tutorial at Craft Passion

10. DIY Colored Glass Mason Jars

DIY Colored Glass Mason Jars

It’s a pretty way to repurpose old jars. Tutorial at Freutcake

11. Storage Shelf With Plastic Crates

Storage Shelf With Plastic Crates

Fit the height of the crates to the height of your children. Tutorial at Hometalk

12. School Paperwork Storage

School Paperwork Storage

You can keep all kids important papers, pictures and other things in a file that is labeled so you always know where to go to get what you need. Tutorial at Iheart Organizing

13. Makeup Drawer Cleanup

Makeup Drawer Cleanup

If you need better organization for your makeup drawer then this idea is for you. There used Velcro to the bottom of the containers to ensure that they stay way. Tutorial at Tatertots & Jello

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