10 Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

10 Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

Having a fireplace brings a lot of fun and it has many advantages, but it also requires a dedicated storage area. During the winter some wood must be stored at home so that we can add another log to the fireplace without having to go outside. There are many ways to store wood, we chose 10 interesting proposals.

1. DIY Indoor Firewood Rack

DIY Indoor Firewood Rack

Author used pine to keep costs down. Plans at My Outdoor Plans

2. Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder

Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder

A simple rack perfectly fits to the corner right next to fireplace. Tutorial at The Cavender Diary

3. DIY Copper Firewood Rack

DIY Copper Firewood Rack

Stylish and portable copper firewood rack. Tutorial at Bunnings

4. Modern Indoor Firewood Rack

Modern Indoor Firewood Rack

This is a quick and easy project made from 2×2 pine. Tutorial at Modern Builds

5. Wood on Shelves

Wood on Shelves

Shelves can be used as a storage space for wood. Source: That Nordic Feeling

6. Firewood Urns

Firewood Urns

I love the urns filled with firewood and pine cones by the fireplace. Source: Simple Details Blog

7. Round Firewood Storage

Round Firewood Storage

Wood can be also tha main decoration of the room. Source: Modfrugal

8. Copper Plated Firewood Tub

Copper Plated Firewood Tub

Stylish and beautiful storage for the wood.

9. Store Firewood in Suitcase

Store Firewood in Suitcase

Antique suitcases may no longer be usable for travel, but they still work wonders as a wood storage. Source: Our Adventure On Crete

 10. Bucket to Storage Firewood

Bucket to Storage Firewood

The simplest idea on the roundup. Source: Diagnoosi SisustusMania

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