10 Cool DIY Keychains

Keychains are one of the most popular souvenirs and gifts. They are a necessary thing to not lose the keys and a great way to spruce up the keys. Check out the list of 10 cool keychains which you won’t find in the stores. Below every photo you will find a link to the tutorial.

1. DIY Marine Node Keychain

DIY Marine Node Keychain

Tutorial at DeLaSweetDansLesIdees

2. DIY Jenga Keychain

DIY Jenga Keychain

Tutorial at SarahOrtega

3. DIY Speckled Clay Keychains

DIY Speckled Clay Keychains

Tutorial at Sugar&Cloth

4. DIY Leather Heart Key Ring

DIY Leather Heart Key Ring

Tutorial at LoveMaegan

5. DIY Anthropologie Inspired Keychain

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Keychain

Tutorial at ConsumerCrafts

6. DIY Stamp Silver Keychain

DIY Stamp Silver Keychain

Tutorial at KellyElko

7. DIY Paracord Keychain

DIY Paracord Keychain

Tutorial at ForTheLoveOfOutdoors

8. DIY Fabric Scrap Keychains

DIY Fabric Scrap Keychains

Tutorial at CraftinessIsNotOptional

9. DIY Wrap Twine Keychain

DIY Wrap Twine Keychain

10. DIY Leather Keychains

DIY Leather Keychains

Tutorial at DesignLoveFest

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