10 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose CDs

10 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose CDs

Everybody have those useless CDs laying around, if they not landed in the trash yet. Why do not use them for crafting? It turns out that CDs are the great craft material, becouse it’s free and flashy. It looks beautiful when the sun reflected on CD.

We want to introduce a list of 10 creative ideas to repurpose old CDs. Below every photo you will find a link to the tutorial.

1. DIY CDs Mosaic Table

DIY CDs Mosaic Table

That mosaic table looks beautiful and it looks more amazing when the light shines on it. Tutorial at Instructables

2. DIY Mosaic Tile Birdbath Using Recycled CDs

DIY Mosaic Tile Birdbath Using Recycled CDs

The colors on birdbath change with the angle and the light. It looks awesome. Tutorial at MeAndMyDIY

3. DIY CDs Wind Chimes

DIY CDs Wind Chimes

This wind chimes are lovely. Tutorial at EvilMadScientist

4. DIY CD Mirror

DIY CD Mirror

This is so easy to do, and looks great. Tutorial at IntuitionPhysician

5. DIY CDs Kitchen Backsplash

DIY CDs Kitchen Backsplash

This backsplash is impressive. Tutorial at Instructables

6. DIY CD Roofing

DIY CD Roofing

This is a great way to recycle CDs and so creative. Tutorial at Instructables

7. DIY Disco Ball with Old CDs

DIY Disco Ball with Old CDs

Disco ball for those who like to party. Tutorial at iCreativeIdeas

8. DIY Recycled CD Mosaic Flower Pot

DIY Recycled CD Mosaic Flower Pot

When the light will shine on your planter pot then all sorts of colors will be reflected from the CD pieces. Tutorial at MakeItEasyCrafts

9. DIY Christmas Ornaments from CDs

DIY Christmas Ornaments from CDs

This is a great idea to repurpose CDs. Tutorial at CremeDeLaCraft

10. DIY Recycled CD Coasters

DIY Recycled CD Coasters

These CD coasters are beautiful and useful. Tutorial at CraftsByAmanda

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